Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mikaela Castledine #119 Instructions

Take the woollen lofted quilt
out from the bag and box in which it came
it was cold this morning for the first time
since the early part of last year's spring
find the matching coverlets and cases
be calm about your business with the corners
shake with firm attention until all is square
revive the fibres which have been compressed
let it fill with insulating air
wait until the darkness drops and the degrees
then lift the comforter to climb in under

Was thinking of an old poem of mine as I made the bed this morning...

I Feel The Cold

I feel the cold like metal
like metal feels it
colder quicker
than wood or earth or stone
colder than the air that brings it
all the tiny atoms
stilling their vibrations
into a chimeless matrix

I feel the cold like that

and when heat is applied
it runs through like a current
from here to there
dissipates into the air
leaves me with nothing

put your cold hand
the one outside the quilt
holding the book
onto the thermal mass
of your inner thigh
and tell me
which do you feel
the warmth flowing into frozen flesh
or the burning five fingered brand

recoiling from your own self
I feel the cold like that


  1. Yeah, good one. We've just had wood delivered for the cold nights over here. And some rain at last!


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