Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Mikaela Castledine #118 April Meeting of the Lady Makers

What we talk about at these things
wellness and the journey to it
perfidy long past and ongoing
distant decisions come to an end
happiness and the great relief of moral men
that uber is a German word

Hair growing and losing and growing anew
men and love the same
(burning out what cannot be surgically removed
although the side effects cannot be hidden by a hat)
and art and confidence
growing it losing it dressing for it hat included

And pubic hair as well
apparently a naturopath once said
an abundance signifies constitutional vigour

This is what we do
we laugh together in the sunlight
we hold hands through the dark

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  1. lol, what a pleasure, Mikaela! I'm almost tempted to divulge on the spot...:)


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