Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Efi Hatzimanolis #80 'Look you now, how the sky', Inspired by Sallie Portnoy's sculpture 'Nascentias Blades of Glass' (with a nod to RV)

Look you now, how the sky grows,
could be a feather fallen
from an angel wing,
or the plundered fin of the rare sky shark.
Then again, it’s the sky’s third eye
through which birds fly
in threading themselves to another,
as yet unblown, sky.
You may follow, if you wish.
Perhaps, it’s a slice of extinct weather tissue,
resinous DNA preserved in spirits, for the spirits.
Or a nest in which to prepare for your best.
Alright then, it’s a head rest. Wake,
and it’s a shoehorn,
for easing your blown mind back into the blue -
look you now, how the sky grows
from your inside out


  1. A wonderful poem, Efi. The image of the sky growing so so strong.

  2. nice, I know the artist, will email her the link

  3. This is an amazing poem, full of wonderful images and ideas.
    Good to see the picture which inspired it too.
    Well done.

  4. Thank you so much, everyone. Just to clarify, I shot the photo above in the Wollongong Botanic Gardens where Sallie Portnoy's sculpture was exhibited as part of the inaugural event, 'Sculpture in the Garden' (12-28 March, 2016). The image is of the tip of one blade of glass among several. Altogether, a stunning collection of blades. The whole event was fantastic too. Wonderful sculptures. (And just btw, I think it's cast not blown, glass. 'Blown' just works better for my purposes...:))


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