Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mikaela Castledine #117 Of Makers and Machines

With thanks to Robert Verdon's Forgotten Mid-Afternoon Dream While Sick in Bed

Once I dreamt of a bag you made me
while I was awake and feverish
I put my hand upon the edge and in that second
felt the bite of a sewing machine
treadle across my fingers
with a motor’s satisfying purr
knowing the punctures were even and deep
knowing the threads were binding
there was no pain or blood
but I could feel
the fitness of the stitches tug

The part of me that I had let
float up above the tossing sheets
was more surprised than
worried at this basting
and understood
that in my quilty state
much more than just my seams
would need unpicking


  1. Nice! Yes, ripe for the unpickings... I really look forward to those too, Mikaela. :)


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