Saturday, April 30, 2016

Anna Couani #117 objects

Home postcard series - Anna Couani - Carol Archer

there are plenty of objects around
that help writing
soothing in their intensity

the print of the postcard
of the drawing on the mantelpiece
those kind of echoes

cassette tapes
the home-made ones
flickers of previous attempts

the VHS tapes
fortunately already buried
in some drawer

the anxiety of superseded technology
piled up in cupboards
hidden under the beds

things you forget to look at
a birthday painting
actually nice as a painting

the pin-board with family photos
all the next of kin
and grandparent group

only my grandmother is laughing
her sisters are smiling
my brothers lost in conversation


  1. beautiful and fantastic postcard series, too

  2. collaborative postcards at


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