Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Red Cone (LF)-#119-on my way

on my way

I am brave
or foolish
I am seizing the day
flying to
I'm on my way

they all say
it will all be alright
I glance around
soon I will be London bound

I say
if I don't go now
I never will
I will remain stuck and a coward
and filled with regret

sitting in the airport
it is nearly a year
since my clash
with the near end
a brush with death
can make one bend

so go
don't look back
take a very deep breath
take another even deeper breath
all will be well
and my London friends
I shall love to see
and soon back home
and happy I will be


  1. Can relate as I should also visit London again after many many many years … lovely work


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