Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Chrysogonus #91 - kinanthi

~ third song ~

for Intan Olivia Marbun 

her little feet
must now learn

to walk without
a mother's holding

that's how it seems
but is this so ?

is it only blades of grass
her tiny hands can grab ?

wild flowers that cheer
for another attempt

to rise up in giggles
does laughter remain

when tears are no more ?
the bomb takes skin

takes pain in the end
it leaves all the time

not of this world
is that what she has now ?

~ tembang ketiga ~

untuk Intan Olivia Marbun 

kaki mungil tak beribu 
tertatih seorang diri 
selepas bom di gereja 
pekik pilu, jerit sedih 
ia pergi ke hampar surga 
menjelma indah abadi 

PS : The Indonesian version follows the original pattern of Kinanthi (Six lines, 8u - 8i - 8a - 8i - 8a - 8i)

PS 2 : Intan Olivia Marbun passed away when a bomb exploded in a church she attended three days ago. Most of the victims of this incident are infants. 

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  1. I knew nothing about this so sad event.... thanks for sharing Chrys


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