Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Lachlan Brown #12 Team Colours

Team Colours

Those two maroon guys became best
mates fast, didn’t they? One of them
smirks and drinks through his ben-
dy straw (shaped just like our invest-

ment projections). Press x to pay respects
to this country’s jerseyed sportsmen,
the kangaroo suit is leaping again
with its aussie green. Democratic insects

smash into windshields or fly inside
your violin’s f-holes making ghostly moans
near billabongs, tones that get repeated…

yeah/nah/yeah/nah. They’ve acclimatised
well given the humidity, and the time zones,
and the dark stuff we’ve knowingly deleted.

NB: This poem is based on Tony Curran’s drawing, ‘Does This Pass for a Spaghetti Asymmetry?’

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