Saturday, November 12, 2016

Kit Kelen #316 - you can make a mark with anything

you can make a mark with anything

anyone can
a penny inscribes a limousine
blow your nose
and the whole carriage looks

tiny Cuchulain and Caligula each
took on the sea
they are gone
but we remember

make a minute's silence

don't bore me with science
and explanations

a birch leaf turns
just for the hell of it
can't help but tickle the sky 



  1. For a second I thought you had radically changed your gestural technique. And I thought birch, odd - then realised you are not in Australia - just an instance of my worry about what Bauman calls 'liquid modernity.' And you make me feel guilty, I have written about WW1 and missed yesterday's silence. I like the discursiveness succinctly demonstrating we see marks everywhere.


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