Monday, November 21, 2016

Kristen de Kline #32 - normal

how long is a piece of string
he says: it wasn't like my friend's houses
we'd chill out watch the grand final
hear laughter
idling in the cul de sac
venting out of the cooling slats
they weren't

high school mates said it was weird, like a morgue: Ssssshhhhh
you taught them not to talk
too loudly
you told them there were prickly dangers in belly laughs
you recite the mantra:
only the clothes we stood up in not the land of plenty
drop a piece of bread on the floor
pick it up kiss it show some respect
eat it
        goddamn eat it

#the visitor
we had a visitor once, I mean one who actually got beyond the front door
your brother stood on the edge of the shagpile pit
looking, staring wildly
Mum always said he ruined the moment: standing there, 'gawking'
That was our first visitor in six and a half years
it was almost-like-we-were-normal
guests for wine and cheese tea and biscuits guests

funny how #not normal
shadows you around
suburban houses streets cities countries
old families half crazy new ones half crazy
the wiry heart strings
you couldn't wouldn't break
#why you left
what you forgot to take when you walkedoutofyourlife:
industrial strength hairwax nail scissors jade choker red Ugh boots
you work hard at it #being normal
but they can always sniff you out
string you up
play you


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  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Rob - I like the fact that you've described it as abnormal - that appeals to my quirky sense of humour!

  3. waouh!!!! I enjoyed reading this a lot indeed! bitting and funny and lucid and ... BRAVO!

  4. Wow! Thanks Béatrice - glad you enjoyed it!

  5. rotfl! more than funny...I love your work.

    1. Thanks Efi -I'm happy my black humour makes you laugh!


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