Monday, November 21, 2016

Rob Schackne #164 - She Lowers Her Head

She Lowers Her Head

Now that we’re strangers again
I touch her lips, one last true word
I dream her standing in the dark
Leaning on someone else’s arm
Gazing at the brilliant teeming stars
Then I dream I’m standing beside you
And it’s me pointing to that falling star
Or you pointing its falling out to me
Those radio transmissions of love
The light years, yes, of all our travels
On the crystal galleons of dreams.


  1. Those radio transmissions of love ... these words speak to me and the whole poem echoes some dreams of mine!

    1. Merci bien, chère Béatrice. Me fait toujours un grand plaisir de savoir que mes petits poèmes sont lus ici par les autres poètes...aussi que j'ai une amie tellement douée comme toi.

    2. should I blush!!!??? Anyway oui c'est un plaisir de te lire et toute cette aventure du 365+1 project est riche de découvertes et d'échanges... quelle chance!

  2. Love the interplay between being intimate and being strangers and distanced - adore the dreamy qualities too. This poem speaks to me too, thanks Rob.


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