Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Kristen de Kline #33 - Blue streaks

blue streaks
flare up in the clouds
water holes boil over
turquoise flashes streak across the sky
no figure eights looping in on themselves
or stray words  trailing underneath:
'will you ...'

the men in their Persil-white lab coats
talk about bombs and atoms and deserts that are empty:
not many people live there
not much life
not a lot to lose

there's what we do not know
there's what we come to know

blue streaks
rocket into thinner air
radioactive sprinkles like fairydust
coat the cracked earth

he says: there were kangaroos laying everywhere
like a gift from the Gods - easy hunting 
we ate those carcasses
got sick, real sick

these days we hear about the miners coming in
we never see them
just the tyre tracks
they never say a word

there's what we do not know
stray words easy pickings scorched earth blue streaks 
there's what we come to know

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