Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Timothy Edmond # 21

he had a voice like a radio
a bloke at the bus stop
said, "Pol Pot was
right; forget history
and you solve a lot of

before as we ascended into
the space ship

it was just as we set it
out on the applique wall

that's when I reach for my gun

In the desert

and he said you better
get down on you knees and
your a kitten

I lost my vice in the
I went to echo point and
that voice in my head
went out and didn't come

a black pall fell
on me
I think it had something
to do with Gracehill Lodge
and the speed way through
The Gully.
and the rednecks in the

I lay all day in bed
two days
drinking and reading
not knowing what
had happened to me
my mind was as
blank as the ceiling
I felt like I was
in a dentist chair
being in bed for two
days is quiet nice
I spent my time reading
about Queen Elizabeth
the First
I duck out occasionally
for a ciggie
pardon your majesty
I bought two terry
towelling hats
I carried my
journals, that I never looked
at, my computer and baggage
down the hill with
the hats. I still
don't know what happened.


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