Monday, November 7, 2016

Rob Schackne #147, Mousai #11, Epilogue

Muses, please come charm our minds, as we go along the straight road to the grove.

Thank you all who followed them this far with me. We will share wine, after a few drops are first poured into the ground.


My lovers, sitting confident on their cards
Licking lips as if we could taste you again −
We do, we tease from you the smallest look
At the late taxi when I turn to you to tie a kiss
You turn away because your hand was good
It was merely the game I played for you

Women of song, do me like no tomorrow
Spread your love like bees make honey
For there is no other time like now, was
No time like then when the world was clean
We would speak to Gods like to grocers
You would sell us the magic fruit we ate

O but no returning to that knowledge
Of careless nurturing − instead we rail hard
Against this art we play for keeps, O Loss!
A hundred devices show us that we’re wrong
A million drops of water feed us before we’re gone
And we won’t ever thank the sky for that

I get into a car with you and we drive
Wind the windows down, turn the music up
Comment on change and colour, follow the clouds
Eventually tiring of the simple path
We look for a long road without the usual fences
Your hair touches my face, I imagine being without you.


  1. All good things come to an end. The ride has been great. I've enjoyed this journey.

    1. Thank you very much for coming along, dear Susan.


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