Monday, November 7, 2016

Susan Hawthorne #311 musing on the Muses

the Muses are gathering
they have always been a collective
and this time is no different

Kalliope arrives first    eldest
of the sisters she is always in the lead
the others follow talking about the news

not only have we been sacked
it's worse they have decided not
to recognise us at all

like China in the 1960s a great lump
of land like that suddenly
doesn't exist cannot be discussed

don't these governments know anything?
you can't decide not to know about
music poetry song dance

our domains of tragedy and comedy
could embrace this policy if only
they could see and hear us

they know nothing of history
history is what happened ten minutes ago
in a newsroom in America

in spite of rockets and space probes
they have thrown out astronomy
hobbled by her old cousin astrology

time to call up the tenth Muse
Sappho the world has turned
and we do remember you


  1. Beautiful poem. Beautiful Sappho. It's time. Help us get back in touch with true desire.

  2. Susan, I love this one. What a final line. I'm all emotional with it!


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