Thursday, November 3, 2016

Timothy Edmond #3

Empirical evidence.

I think I have worn
these jeans too long –
the meetings I had today all
finished early.
Must clean teeth.
But the things I
have done in these jeans.

Must piss.

Tomorrow I will swim
in the ocean
have a hair cut
and put on clean clothes.

Must fix tap.

Everyone is going to bed
but I am still up.

The Japanese invaded
Singapore on bicycles.

Pythagoras said no

The wind has come up.
I think a change is
coming through.
      I hope I can
get up and bring the
clothes in before it
       Tomorrow was my
sleep day.
I think I will happily
 lie in bed and listen to
the rain fall, with all
the windows open.

No one knows I’m here.
They think I am asleep.

I will go to bed soon
So I can get up and
make things better.

I still have a lot to
do; maybe I will eat.
Go for a walk, smoke.

Eat a tin of tuna
a tin of mixed beans and a
banana and then to morrow
I will be fit to work.

Hunger and cold
motivates us.

I will eat and then sleep in
an elevated bed.

If I sit very still
in my swivel chair
no one will notice

The cool change promised
is here now with it’s
winter blades.

Sydney is a suburb
of London.

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