Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 231 - My Primordial Ooze

My Primordial Ooze

I am the washing on the outside line
blazing out the sun            stripe white
fly delightfully every time the  lightest kind of air
takes a run

up here the porch line holds the socks holds the underwear takes the overflow
of what I think I’ll need if the weather doesn’t hold, if this reverie can’t hold

me and today
let me think of it
some new way


  1. I dont think the title matched the lovely image of the the washing i can just see the hints of other meaning peeping out its a very uplifting piece for me so hopefully I haven't just missed the whole point.

    1. Yes, it is part of a series, so you didn't miss the point, I will take that on board and put it into the notes on this one. I have a series of self-creation poems going, but of course it is no good if the reader doesn't know it!! Thanks you.

  2. I love it all, Kerri, kit and kaboodle!

  3. Oh those images work beautifully, binding the thoughts, love it!

  4. Every day Kit, I start off, wet as a puddle on the ground.


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