Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 233 - scolded child ( for keri glastonbury)

scolded child     
(for Keri Glastonbury)

high on something else again             called
reprobate  sort me out before I
             choose             the fata morgana   

go get the dictionary
off the shelf      think about the dust  piling from the industry    still

here     not the remnants  people think that when BHP ended  when
the steel label  stopped  we forsook that

all the sheds slammed down the
roller doors  they did not

there is a film it floats down daily coats the
table coats the porch I wipe it  away  

 a fly without a buzz
we still have this uneasy ex-husband

 sitting in the park across the road
drinking from his steelworks bottle            

 despite our new bookcase
our new tech-works

 the go ahead get ahead dickhead lives we gaze at
in the brochures of our heads

  sort me out for saying it
scold me  like the child

in my child city
waiting for the grown ups to teach me how life is done

 I drive past the muster point I ask why
 is it fenced off  

we used to love walking
 there                         used to love that tribute  

all that
 century of industry  gone   now        

compacted into sculpture  
entailed            aloof forlorn

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  1. Very nice, I can see a black and white image of abandoned factories against the grey sky


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