Thursday, May 4, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 234 - May the Fourth Be with ( for Miffy)

May the Fourth be with
for Miffy

you    stood with me   held me tightly by the hand
a small boy being taken to Star Wars 
in town  by your big sister  and her boyfriend I wore
a full round  sky blue skirt  that blew up to my nose  all day

it had William Morris flowers shrunk down like
Twisties packets we did on the school gas heater all over it
entwined              a frilly white shirt a small matching vest my
long hair very curly  I suppose I was   sweetly

in place on line   you were always a very cute child thick chestnut
hair   and those amazing freckled eyes  of many browns  what they
called hazel back when people looked at things    between the wind and
the excitement on George St  it was quite the day

I fainted  which was not unexpected and a thing I did in those days
my head full of bad wiring            which I grew out of then
back into            a jump cut/warp drive   we  are still seeing the movie  and I see your grandson            online in Nowra            his laughing eyes  calling down

our years              we are     these little whirls in time     that was
our first willy willy              together  alone      we went on to
walk the line      take off on our own sub-galactic travels
it turned out we were both Ewoks     I won’t tell if you won’t

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  1. All the best are ewoks at heart. This is....glorious,and how I love the fourth.


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