Thursday, May 4, 2017

Kit Kelen #486 - catch of cloud

catch of cloud

a sun stands through
alien apparitions

book of the leaf
(mansion minded)

there is no thing grip
an innocence is sung

some of this the sea blew over
how's that without the words?

let us admire
a catch of cloud

and then the grey's all up
like haiku hung

to witness
the time's vanishing

where you cannot read is best
a world is hollowed here

an end of day each, tug
is there a colour called?

tree is all pointing
a day is parted

in the all towards
words fix and float

and under them, more
we slip to say

we are the tiny writing
and only ones to read

you get between the lines to breathe
what cannot be written must be best

no cloud was ever caught

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