Saturday, May 6, 2017

Kit Kelen #489 - lines find me

lines find me

I wake to them here
as far as I've written

all words are woken
from a tomb of time

they are because of
wisdom come

I hold them
I roll them around in my palm

and words live
in the mouth as well

I have words
in mind

there's still breath with them
they lead on to cross with other words

or on into a story
it could be an argument

or simply this is how it is
they come to me – conclusions

lead to a last sigh
does truth decay in words spent?

lines run out
they have no place past

they have no rest
but in a book laid shut, lain still

any old moment
as good as an age

words must come of some animal intention
like light they cast across

but shining's all behind
they shove us aside to be

lines lose me too
aren't they a noose around the telling?

all these little lies
a circle we inscribe

waking, the record
of what was before

in dreams
the always other world

here just as far
as I've written

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  1. Fantastic - love the restless lines and the lost words - and all the different spaces/places they inhabit.


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