Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Kit Kelen #495 - the creatures

the creatures

each miracle for entity
for sentience

are they not a tree too?

the creatures
long in their travels
and never arrived
they brood

they are always attempting existence
death defies their ends

and are they not taken for granted?
with after all we're-here-because

how many legged?
each has beginning, middle and nether
as long and lean as string

few of them are measured
still each is a calculating risk

locus of focus is all appetite

how have we come?
none think to see

they are sunshine each
every scar a healing

no one knows
the rules of the game

I'm just saying

this is the map of where they went
of where they might yet go

proud to number selves among
all salutation, yes sir, no

isn't it light from which they are cast
are we not shaped for a question?

there is the possibility
that this has no meaning

in order to be here, I believe
time must have passed into each

it's by way of inattention
all come to the moment here

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  1. and they answer in being
    a crack in the vision
    where goggles failed


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