Friday, July 7, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 272 - Flu season

Flu season.

it was this long dream
during it I got up
took off a sweat soaked
pink flannelette pyjama

I was at a workshop
in Dungog  and with my son
his girlfriend and these others
who peeped like stage props
through the old boards of the
community hall

I left ten minutes earlier
than the bus that held the others

my wheelchair
 took on the back roads with
great vigour in the elbows which
before I went to bed
had been ablaze with hives

somewhere around Maitland
I got stuck
in a  tunnel    some small kids
helped me out

two ladies explained
the cupola of the  vast
Italian chapel and I thought
I’ll never make it home


  1. ...
    always nice when you can slip back into the dream

  2. and always nice when you can slip out of it


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