Thursday, July 20, 2017

Kit Kelen #565 - old lag

old lag

skating close along the edge here
one must always be looking for signs

looking into that mist
edge of the other world

as if in your own dark sky
an alphabet were written
and you had merely to spell out the key

am I here or halfway?
chained to the waking
the shuffle on to light

so many countries flit

it's only faith keeps me

so I am transported
over again

I am salt sea biscuit
between times
all of that's under
or is the past up?

coin for the hand cupped
water pours through

there's undertow
there's rip
some bastard is keeping this head above water

and suddenly from summer come
come under
tired of the idea itself

fall through that ice
please just let me drown for a bit

you yourself
have to do it
but when you're not there

and then the colour comes
so you are further, further
still other-sided as well

have to insist on the hours that are here

you yourself are the arrow

just get with the river
and swim

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