Monday, July 31, 2017

Kristen de Kline # 120 tell me what this means

This moment in time
I never want   back

the day throws itself upon me
slaps me,   hard

offers me more scar tissue
this moment in time

celebrates with a flash of blue
brings out the woundedness

too fast, too final
what was that about worlds and ghosts

who called the police the first time
tell me what this means

lots of things are written about the dark nights of the soul:
it's always three in the morning ...

...   it's a little bit like     poetry
house holds     unfold
people come

trying to get in between the pages
more FRAGILE cartons to load up:

obituaries poetry zines an All Blacks tribute
a Patti Smith vinyl and an enlarger you've carried around since the 70s
a freezer bag filled with bottles of tonic and tins of Rocker Wax Urban Fudge
three SX 70 Polaroid cameras retrieved from a back shed
none of them work   you'd hold them in your palm
blow on the images, gently   make the colours

most of the night
when we first got together
that neon Coke sign flickered away
like somebody having an epileptic
some   where

most of the night
we waltzed across the bar-room
didn't sleep
in out in
of love whatever   wherever   that is

tell me what this means

love tries to make sense   of   no   sense
gets wedged between the pages
stuck in between words
it's a little bit like poetry
I can't keep up

tell me what this means


  1. Dear Kristen, if I knew I would tell you. But step by step... :)

    1. Yes Rob, as I don't know either, I think there'll have to be at least one more tell me what this means poem as I try to figure it our!

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    3. I love your poem. Especially the Patti Smith rant. Glorious.

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  2. I hope to hear you read it someday...

    1. Thanks Rob for being such a kind & constant reader :))
      Yes I must perform some of these pieces, particularly the speedy, fast paced ones that build up & intensify as they accelerate!

    2. PS glad u liked the Patti Smith moment- I'm a huge fan. & I actually used to collect Polaroid SX70s (so Warhol). There's more than 3 & they're worth something- not that I'm selling!

  3. most of the night
    between the pages
    stuck too fast
    too final

    love summons its police
    the moment is never arrested

    1. Yes Kit, can't seem to escape love's police & moments that escape arrest.


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