Sunday, July 9, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 275 - Sunday Week

Sunday week

liminal place the days between the twinge
of pain the faceplant   long hours down
the sweating dreams  the clothes torn off
in fevered disrepair   stasis seems evaporative

salivating  for the week of wearing clothes to come
again    these bagging softnesses    hold hot air 

intervene a shield where I end and sleeping dogs
begin     this time   breathed in the over-heated

place   the limbo     escaped words run like
bird feet onto sand   waiting on the tide when

Sunday awakens to smell   the salt the sea
 the turn


  1. days between the twinge
    where I and sleeping dogs begin
    long fevered hours of clothes to come
    the Sunday salt sea turns

  2. and all our ashes come to urns
    some age to pass must smash
    then we're breath to air
    and then the binge begins again


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