Monday, July 17, 2017

Rob Schackne #399 - All Prices Clearly Marked

All Prices Clearly Marked

There were voices
all prices clearly marked
yelling come on through
she doesn't wear make-up
her beauty is remarkable
there's nothing she wants to say
it's a goddamn nightmare here
I'm recovering the lost arts
do you see the target do you sir
yes Jim the prices are clearly marked
for some reason lots of gibbons

I'm teaching how to read a timetable
and they are not impressed
I throw myself to the ground
she stares at me like a lemur
sings in a language I don't know

the prices are clearly marked
a truck charges up the bank
there's a moment of quiet
but the body is an ape's

it's a bloody shower
I am on a cliff face
don't be such a chicken shit
all prices clearly marked

our alarm's set for six


  1. monkeying around with goat business


    1. Ha. It is well known
      that monkeys love the goats
      (it's been going on for years)
      and the goats don't seem to mind.


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