Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Kit Kelen #556 - happy baby or the yoga teacher won't shut up

happy baby
the yoga teacher won't shut up

ah, calm!

we're all energized
chin in
rush of release

gently rock
hands flat
face up
keeping long
off the buttocks

thread the right leg back
behind the left ear
tucked over the wings
you'll have to imagine

listen for the breeze

untuck the toes
tweak nose to knee
open up, flex

a little wheeze

do the corpse
and get a glimpse
of what you're holding together

and now we all compete for the crow
some fall by the way
that's cool

the main thing is – keep talking
the mind is massaged with these words
take nothing for a metaphor

swivel the scone off
and give it a spin

how far can the head go up the arse?
you won't know till you try

raise to the ceiling
and prise off the roof

take each cleat and nail
in your teeth
spit them out like melon pips
wounding other class members
who cares?

you're lighter and lighter
and float
ethereal and gossamer
one of kind, sushine

catch the foot
before it's gone completely

ah but
they're angry now
fat cow

they're pincer like
all powerful core

their bellows breath
could light up
the one anonymous fart
deafens all

become a tiny ball
roll off

go altogether
to pieces

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  1. LOL. There is always that one colossal dunderblisket of a bum eh.


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