Sunday, July 16, 2017

Rob Schackne #397 - "Light fades the evening"

Light fades the evening
sound travels different
you can sigh a little
where everything goes
it doesn't matter much to me
knives back in the drawer
cars returned to the factory
there's a girl without make-up
before the big men followed her
I say it doesn't matter much
the drowned boy sitting on the beach
the ones who would notice
not shouting they're laughing
you can sigh a little
but the sea is calm
the hand unpractised
I could unwrite all this
you'd write your first line
Light fades the evening


  1. sigh and the sea sighs with you
    who's imitating whom?

    1. Light fades the evening, sound travels different - writing, unwriting - just keep it coming Rob!

    2. Thanks for listening, dear Kristen.


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