Sunday, July 23, 2017

Rob Schackne #407 - A Faint Dictionary Of Scars (4) "All of this for solace"

All of this for solace
What you running from
Thinking about her
Five years old already
Slammed into a lamp post
Your broken collar bone

How scared you'll be
Pain check noises check
Don’t forget it's thirsty
Wandering in the desert
Voices near the bones
The insects intersecting

The sacred wizardry
Of the tendrest touch

Work 4 years in casualty
Get a first in others' pain
Scar your last voice in love
And figure now it's time to leave

Stitch it back together
Stretch it beyond knowing

Love us like no worries
Come clean with the story

Nemo judex in causa sua
Jesus we're out there searching

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