Sunday, July 9, 2017

Kit Kelen #553 - synaesthesias - tuning



is there a way back among frets and strings?

you scribbled to where you are
so that must be the way on

who's to understand the music comes from where you are?

a doddle
least wheeze makes melodious

now and then a lightning strike must set the head on fire

and there's a concert of all limbs
and bodies thrown together
making more or else just fun

it's all play on a certain scale

you get it from the river
you get it from the sea
clouds are this way crafted

observe just how a flower says
and the whole tree's tall with the tune
birds are a twirl of infinite passage
bears a basso growl

a world is minded of a tune
and drifts into another

it's how you travel
or call a key and stave it

in every word spoken
there's some song sung

I fall a little crooked from
the odd idea of true

if one sky sings
it's ridge to ridge we come

till night by fire
then fresh sun sprung
arpeggio, glissando

stretch and bend
for feeling, hammer

fingers tending to those strings
must be mine, be yours

and then you're chordstruck
lifted up by the brush

you're in the colour then


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