Friday, July 14, 2017

Kristen de Kline #112 Birthday party for a dead girl

dancing and singing up a storm 
blue skin
moon crescent, dark side split open 
red, red wine
candles twenty five    dripping

fuck you, yeah you     haven't had a cry
just wanna whack you and you're not even here

everywhere     the heart is     nowhere     the heart is     

what do you mean life goes on     but
I'll give it a good crack
whadya' mean it's a bit hard     but

does she owe you money?
I accept no responsibility if she does
amplified laughter    scratches on vinyl, snap


pop     twenty-five     she'd have been    
probably looking down on us saying: Mum you're
drunk that's your tenth glass of wine
don't fall over
don't cry

singing and dancing up a storm
streaming live on Facebook
blue skin
red, red wine

whadya' mean life goes on

just want to slap you     hard

not ready to kiss you goodnight

just want to slap you     hard


  1. Oh dear Kristen
    a birthday party
    bring your own
    broken hearts in bags
    barbecue later
    cold ones in the fridge
    put on some dance music
    slap me wake me up

    1. Thanks dear Rob - you capture the birthday party for a dead girl well - broken hearts in bags, cold ones in the fridge, someone puts on some dance music ... dancing and singing up a storm ...


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