Monday, July 17, 2017

Kit Kelen #561 - in all the vast of day's pyjamas

in all the vast of day's pyjamas

art works the instances to light

how is it?
who are we?
no one's to know

it's thoughtless
come past weary meaning
never in this story before

all are tickled
hold sides to laugh

mouth dry
in a tummy rumble
all the world rolls round

so something's to be made of it

there are those of a simple struggle to know
there are one's who weigh to know what's worth

but some we few must make a mark
must piss on those world's end pillars like Monkey

deeper and deeper down in pyjamas
bringing ourselves to light

we're under, aren't we?
like a pill gone down
up a garden path

grubby thus far into the journey
still wilting, in pyjamas though

even before I'm awake
I'm at work
even especially
hard at my dirty little secret

the all-falling
and fumbling to catch
to let go

one cough and the ship's down

because in all the vast of day's pyjamas
the tune is first thing bright
chords construct themselves like clouds
because you were never in this mirror before
because it's not the same old story

and all of this amounts to
the one thing you have to believe

it's a draft


  1. Kit, this has echoes of "All tomorrow's parties" (for me at least!) mixing with all the vast of day's pyjamas :)

  2. then where shall we go?
    what shall we do?
    when Sunday comes around?

  3. ...and I thought I saw Vasco Pyjama having a cold one in a bar just the other day.


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