Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Kit Kelen #550 - Śavāsana


be perfectly still

be mind's eye of
out the window

allow the nuzzle in
let puzzle out

have the simple itch away
to toes be inch about

salt waft of the early blue
and dog rocks sniffed apace

gulls blare
the sea is breaking breaking

to remember is to be here

so manage not to sink

demons run out
where the music pours in

everything's a stretch ahead
in the end surrender

here's the heart
and the lungs do the lifting

a whale would
any old sea monster

expect surprise

a little less each moment as well
the island with its splash of sea
so all forevers seem

be perfectly still

drowning is a dream come home

to the fingertips
this nothing, air

just to be

let the smile delight

let truth wash away

let the day wake to you

lie perfectly still
be heard

1 comment:

  1. I'll take Śavāsana
    the corpse pose
    any day over
    going in to work
    half-dead anyway
    without health insurance
    acting half-alive


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