Saturday, July 22, 2017

Rob Schackne #405 - A Faint Dictionary Of Scars (2) "Chute no"

Chute no
Escape no
Language later
The circadian brain
Clicks to mend itself
While slapped in sleep

The body heals in time
Grows bigger and it falls

Learns to speak and it hurts
To cry against the world
If we are born to know
How the world is scarred

What an old mess
We're all pressed from
To want to think like that
Bawling the milk out of us
The continual rid of shit
A philosophy of movement

Navel the first fighter
To defend against a knife
God help this violence
Ground against ourselves
The schoolyard gravel
Elbows knees the head


  1. I am finding these scar poems exquisite Rob. Speaking as a scar woman. xx

    1. Speaking as a scar man, I thank you, dear Kerri. xx


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