Saturday, July 15, 2017

Kit Kelen #560 - Oblomov-ising or sleeps to go

sleeps to go

backs flat

we say, counting
and hopefully a snooze on the plane

till home or away

taller after lying down though
from telling oneself tall tales

sleeps to go
we say, as a matter of anticipation

we think it's daylight does the trick
steps visible with feet obey

for sleeps to come
our yearning is workaday

and let's not cut it fine
a train is catching us
a last alarm clock rings

it's always summer in this suit
sky dark to smog – activity!

no one knows how many wakings till what (?)
say sleep for euphemism

only two sleeps for Jesus
then a resurrection

seven sleepers had a hundred years
Rip van Winkle was all about regime change

sometimes, as zombie
the take-away
is you're all sleeps to go

then how many wakings will it take
till I dream a way home?

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