Saturday, July 22, 2017

Rob Schackne #404 - "Yeah you're right"

            (for KdK)

Yeah you're right
lawless poetry
won't crack it

bump it or cut it
banshees of fuck
what did we ever do

steal a bloody car
the highway not
to hell exactly

we'll get some beer
a canny detour

bloody remand
for how long
they're joking


  1. Yeah right
    when men - blue between - pound at the door
    with more summons
    a magistrate in a strange wig
    interrogates you about your voluntary work
    service to the Australian community
    evidence of being a good citizen
    you throw lawless poems in his direction
    about men with hollow bones
    chrome car corpses
    meth heads stuck on the V-line
    it doesn't crack it
    bump it or cut it
    diversionary program?
    for how long?
    you've got to be kidding
    yeah right

  2. you are kind
    thanks for
    dear claine


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