Tuesday, November 14, 2017

James Walton #83 Take these chains from my heart/ the Delegate's advice

I cleaned in a bakery
the nightshift of all sorts,
in the days before organics
the careful floor sweepings
made the wholemeal.
We wiped down metal
hosed out the relays,
collected the casual rate.
A Hungarian called ‘Jack’
sang opera until the shift boss,
a corporation in linen
decided to stop the disruption.
We ceased work at that
until the voice was let out again,
the next week I got laid off
not put on for recompense.
He met me at my car
with his wife in Burgundy Street,
shaking my hand my name is Zoltan
this is still a good country.
They gave me bottled tomato sauce
and garage dried salami,
I hope so mate, I hope so
honour the union but maybe
try some Ray Charles tonight.


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