Friday, November 3, 2017

Kit Kelen #671 - little things that annoy me

little things that annoy me

mainly skin
or the weather creeps

all the ant-ward wishes
of the other insects here

to carry me off, impediments
each whom effort mocks

a little nail hangs over the edge
someone has to bash down

there is the blindness of creation after
occasions informing again

itch and ache and mainly grumble
tummy, other, organs grind

all the fools in charge
and cannot get on-line

the little cough
that takes me down

lack of rain or surfeit
wind, hot stillness too

that the garden is not its own law
there's line of mine I can't read now

this planet's tedious rotation
and world stopping events

the ancestors' embarrassed antics
that I go on without them

conditions of the road
and worse, the other drivers

certain useless intimations
such as why I'm here

not quite come to the end of the thought
and the hunch set off in its own map

my works with the world
are co-extensive

in real time, so that
I'm hidden in plain sight


  1. little things
    that annoy me too
    don't get me started
    only a few of them
    bother to be in plain view
    the rest behind
    a blind waiting
    for me to laugh


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