Monday, November 20, 2017

Rob Schackne #525 - "The semifactual experiment" (1)

The semifactual experiment
e.g. if he’d tripped left instead
of right with the ball dribbling
at that speed would he still have
scored an own-goal, is essential
in clinical sportswriting. Now
of course this can be extended
to ponder other types of situations.
Tonight the writer spares you that.


  1. does the reader wish to be spared?
    ones ponders off and on


    1. The semifactual experiment
      (how the writer doesn't spare you)
      e.g. if he'd just fallen to the right
      instead of the left hitting his head
      would he still have scored an own-goal,
      is critical in criminal sportswriting.
      Please never try this at home.


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