Friday, November 10, 2017

Kit Kelen #678 - all falls down (temple of Mammon)

all falls down

for Welcome to the Temple of Mammon

this could so easily all not be
it's as with any of us here
but something of scale impresses the fact

glitter in the smoglight
tea for my waking

as if a giant painted nails
now all of this could fall

the burst of gunfire imagines us
but we are only clone
safe in our make believe for now

neglect the ruins as they stand
so much cement and glass here
credulity's the key

this could so easily flame up, burn
like a spire
like a cross lit

if news chimes in from elsewhere
this just slows down the game

the gorgeous towers
could all so easily sink below

be plucked away
all lifted up

then guess which act of God
and always a higher number

you won't see wheels of juggernaut
won't see the wheels come off

but blink, it goes
I sing this here
am of the heavenly choir

so yoga slowly
never slow enough for this town

how blank of mind you'd have to be
to see forever in the stars
to gamble on this now

I walk away
won't you?


  1. but then you walk back in, and in a turn, you never left


  2. wake up from
    the dream
    of Babylon
    a good brekkie
    a clean up
    a walk
    maybe a poem

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