Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Kit Kelen #696 - a stitch from time

a stitch from time

in a fine mist falling
through first light

you won't make out a name

some certain stars
just now retired

no one will care
how we guessed each
said how far
gave puppy names

look up or out
a forest finds me
first by web

all indoors
falls to dust

later bitten
come, young bug

everything inhabited!
we can be no exception

and how many greens make day here?
it's not the kind of thing we count

trick a way into the trees
a fan of feather leads

it glistens
will we glisten too?

it's hand over fist
world wants
of us

we stop that at the gate

with habits of another place

and later begin
by falling down

a lazy veranda
leans to the all-day

take a rise out of this sun
then you'll become the breeze
that blows

where my remains
are found


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