Thursday, November 16, 2017

Kit Kelen #684 - just to remind myself why I'm here on Earth

just to remind myself why I'm here on Earth

(on a certain special day)

I look at
pictures of the animals at it
and us in throes of
light this
light up

I pass beyond
I build
to bury

lithe limb for tangle
hard where soft
much stroke and suck
rouse raise

I am out of a thicket
of law

here by means of
what may come
and often need a wash

I smoke
I find a straw to clutch

I shine the thing
I listen

make midst of much
and love the wrong word found

all of those numbers have to be money
how high can I count by lights out?

furl up in bed
as last flag flown

ontology's a leaf twirl
and I like to touch

just to remind myself why
I hang my heart
with all our shame

I'm here to rust
and rasp with chorus

just for this first kiss
so linger

a smile
a laugh
some magic

each to the other's beating heart

these are the reasons
I have to be here

there's no other world for me

say yes
say yes
say yes


purple barrels of 76 --
there's still a bit of that glow

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