Monday, November 27, 2017

Kit Kelen #695 - buzz through

buzz through

because a window
either side open

as if lifted
from the dust
a risk!

someone crawled through
cartoon rigid
ten times the weight
on your back

and bearing of the breeze

sun came too

and a little cloud
hung out

it's all as much as summer says

everyone was heading somewhere
it was a getting on day

antechinus rehearsals --
a quick run through the thing

wing quicker than...
it's like the rainbow
shone in them

we won't know
as far as species

often a flight seems blind
can be hand over fist

sometimes you won't
even notice the motion

tribes travel through
in skin or orifice inviting

here's an ocean
through the hourglass

where had we been
to dream before?

we're all of a little tumble
through space

there isn't a god in it

it's namelessly
we will have gone
into the great scheme


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