Monday, November 13, 2017

Kit Kelen #681 - to watch over me

to watch over me

when I take off my head
hang out my heart

can you hear me?

I am attached by a fridge magnet

all the years death has done without me
(the years to death are with us here)

I don't doubt there's maths to it

I will be so sad not to be
(must get the pathetic said now
makes no less sense than)

day sets and clouds rise over it
faith is what kept us all this while

I do not wish to give false hope

strange intricacy of the filling frame

I am touched to say
we of the mirror are met
so eyes cast till we go

I am drilling a hole through the page
it is otherworldly of me

to look at the sky without questions

it's not worth being here
so much convenience - a story

each of us being gone, an instance

myself, I was left because I wouldn't lie
that was the end of silence even

silence is enough

here apart
make no sense, can't argue

all of a muttering tangle our home

so much of life beyond ourselves

then how far death is deep in all
passion to passion is touch

will it true to be together?

love is always a beginning
otherwise we're gone


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