Thursday, November 9, 2017

Kit Kelen #677 - to the dark (jetlag series #4)

to the dark

where pill's true
dream for sleep's proof
it spreads to the border
flinch there

a door slams
or there's your name
some other voice throws
it's you again

sleep is a stain
and waking is light

they keep bringing me here
from the dead
when I'm tattooed
not to revive

can't they read
I'm 'nil by head'

still the worlds pour in
and spin

would a certain colour do?
would rain make difference here?

time is was when will be
if we could simply slip from
it's from ourselves
to whom to where?

how many desert days yet
to my vanishing?

true dark of the treaty lands

just to drop off at the top of the clock
there is a rhythm, is there not?
what's with all the questions?

contortions of economy
each leaves a mark

and simply one wishes

to lie in the other world
true of the dark
where words drift from meant

where time is

1 comment:

  1. yes is the answer
    yes is the question
    now I can't get
    more gnomic
    than that


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