Thursday, November 23, 2017

Kit Kelen #691 - my bolts my blue

my bolts my blue

(hubris study)

today I am reinventing the wheel
mine's so much rounder than the one before

anyway as you can imagine
I'm on a roll
and so far today
I have come up with breakfast
more roof overhead

elevenses suggests a clock
take it for a spin

I'm thinking of covering myself
to stay warm
or keep off the sun

top of the head
could be something round too!

how about a pill?

I'm coming to first principles
and I'll get there in the end

this world I'm working on's all oyster

I'm squaring the circle
I've go the peg to fit
I believe I have found the north west passage
(you can see it clearly on the map)

I'm an untying the trickiest knot
I've made up some riddles for a sphinx


I just had a thought - the flower!
don't know how I do it
but I keep all of this stuff in my head

and you can see them sprayed up on a wall

take this thing I've made called music
it fills out the empty air

tonight I will invent the bed
then consider dream

and love - let's make that
and next - picture

you might think the words are spoken for us
but every day it's a new language I make

imagine the screen where just everything is

thought is the best thing I've come up with so far

but then there's the pension and Christmas

of course I am always inventing myself
I pick all the gods on my team

you, of course, are my favourite fiction

you know that I am inventing the world
you realize it could be rounder

yes there's a risk of going under
but it hasn't stopped me so far

I'll be putting the trees on the leaf tomorrow

and I will come to fire
and I will come to rain


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