Monday, November 27, 2017

Kerri Shying R - # 362 Agung goes off

Agung goes off

The second last line
of the story  was your

thirty thousand
bodies    brown
all tense
in shelters

 beneath the waked
 Fire Mountain

while hob-nobbers  cut-price
johnnies  ladies haired in henna red
over-packers  bargain-getters

leaning     fingers out
on the counters
at the airport
look here
look here

the story             how
the white people
got stuck on holiday

when the ash flew
and the molten rock

began to inch
towards your
life   chickens  clothes
your school

was all above
your head


  1. ah the over-packers!
    and the mountain
    off its scone


  2. very topical
    I've never been
    old hippy friends
    who were there 45 years ago
    say don't bother
    still I figure they know
    something I don't
    about concentrated trouble
    in a very small place
    so I just might go


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