Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Kit Kelen #682 - home in the purple month

home in the purple month

(jetlag series #5)

purple month of summer coming
jacaranda strew

webs everywhere
green speech
and so much nameless to me

yet acanthus
break of day
Black Night
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

itch of spring
and weather
not a word of it is prose

second wind for the mulberry
all the insect air alive

callistemon and lavender

oranges still darkest green

but black-eyed Susan's lit

and here's a bruise of sun struck spring
fallen gum leaves rain soaks in
when almost summer says

some blind beak is hidden with it
everybody's home

all en route to another season
long age until the grape

a shame to lie awake of the dark
because still somewhere else


  1. all the insect air
    alive and heading to
    the sweat the eyes
    the undercarriage home
    comings sweet a riot for the small
    the tall the green
    the land beneath your foot
    that stings you and say hi


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