Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Kerri Shying R - #358 - FOMO


you were there last night I know
I saw   the photos  rolling in
like waves   so much so  the real
waves   foamed in
dissatisfaction around

my brown knees
 unshod   clod hopped
in cities   known nowhere
but at the fish shop

where Barry says
same as usual love
and how is the little

my strong day
falls  FOMO slams the oven  doors
of envy   collapsing

the soufflé  of my self
esteem    the  buzz the
all-electric better 
it’s out there

I pull the fuse say
Barry I’ll take a fisherman’s basket
farewell the FOMO keep
my rod
my dog
the sea

* FOMO is the persistent anxiety and the sneaking suspicion that life on social media is so much better than your real life lived in the flesh.


  1. I fear missing out on my life
    when I'm with you here
    in this other world

    no touch
    no voice
    and not 3-D



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